Moth Orchids In-Person Class


Learn how to create realistic-looking Moth Orchids using sugar paste.

This class will be held on SATURDAY, 12 FEBUARY 2022.

Start time: 9:30

Duration: 3 1/2 hours

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Join me for my first in-person class since early 2020. Way before lockdown and Covid was a normal part of our lives.

Take your sugar flower game to the next level in this 3 hour extensive class where I will take you through the orchid making process step by step. The lessons I teach can be applied across a variety of sugar flowers. I don’t hold back on the info either. I share all my time saving tips and tricks to ensure maximum profits with a breathtaking, realistic end result that is sure to leave your clients in awe. 

You will learn:

  • How make a strong and fast drying flower paste
  • How to prepare the super delicate petals that look see through to add realism
  • A quick and pain-free method to wire your petals
  • To dust and colour with complete confidence. This is what takes your flowers to the next level and brings them to life
  • How to assemble a stem of orchids flowers as well as buds
  • How to attach your stem of flowers to the front of a cake (demo only)

You will get:

  • Pre-made sugar paste for the class
  • Florist tape and wire for class use
  • A step-by-step PDF for you to download
  • A handy tools and material list ahead of the class so that you can prepare 
  • A recipe for sugar paste (the same paste we will use in this class)

Please bring along:

  • Your basic tool kit (Small rolling pin, dresden tool, cell pad)
  • Small work mat/ flower board
  • Orchid cutter & veiner
  • Dummy or cupcake box to take your flowers home


Please note: Wearing of a mask is mandatory during the entirety of this lesson. Masks need to cover the nose and mouth completely. 



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